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Educational Coaching

Organizational, Study, and Time Management Skills: Organizational and study skills are essential tools a student needs in order to succeed. Our tutors have the necessary training and experience to help students apply organizational and study skills to all subjects. These classes are designed to provide students with important life-skills needed to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

What do tutors do to help:

    Provide accountability for assignments and projects

    Teach organizational methods and options and help you plan ahead

    Teach study methods and options

    Teach students how to take effective notes and establish a study plan

    Assist students in establishing goals and staying organized with a planner in order to turn assignments in on time

Scholarship & College Applications: We’ll provide help in preparing for college and keeping up with important deadlines. 

Math Review for Parents

This class is designed for parents who want to assist their children with homework more effectively. This class will help you:

    Become familiar with current grade level standards

    Review concepts and vocabulary

    Learn teaching techniques

This unique class is designed to help parents brush up on the math they learned years ago, get in touch with current grade-level curriculum, and receive pointers on the different ways to teach key concepts so that they can, in turn, help their children with school work. Our teachers are tutors who work with children at these levels daily and have done so for years. They have amassed understanding of key concepts, resources, and teaching techniques that help students learn, and they would love to share their expertise.

Call or email us for more information and to schedule a class.

English as a Second Language

  • We can help whether you are preparing for the TOEFL or if you would like to refine your conversational English. We offer training for English language learners to succeed with exams, in the workplace, or for relationships!

Foreign Language

We currently provide Spanish, French, and German immersion classes for all levels, and elementary Mandarin Chinese. Improve your conversational skills in a foriegn language by practicing with our fluent or native speaking tutors weekly.

Thank you for your help with W_____ this summer. Tutoring helped immeasurably with his ease in writing essays, and now he seems confident about entering high school this fall."