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Some common topics we cover include:

  •     Number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  •     Time and money, fractions, decimals, and percents
  •     Word problems and Common Core curriculum


Our science programs introduce young students to the scientific method. Since we are located directly off the Arboretum our tutors have access to a wide ecosystem of flora, fauna, and potential experiments! We have several resources including microscopes to examine the microscopic world.

Language Arts

  • Reading: Through our unique phonics program we’ll help your child learn to recognize letter sounds and decode words. By understanding how sounds combine to create words, students can improve their ability to read fluently and accurately.
  • Reading Comprehension: Learning to understand and attach meanings to the words in a text is an important part of reading. We will help students identify main concepts and relate what they read to real-life experiences so that they can understand, remember, and share what they read with others. We believe that with encouragement, all children can acquire the skills and confidence needed to develop a love of reading. 
  • Writing: Creating a strong writing foundation when students are young fosters a love of writing. We challenge our students to be creative and think critically in order to develop their writing skills. 

Some common topics we cover include:

  •     Writing legibly
  •     Using standard grammar and punctuation
  •     Identifying and understanding different parts of speech
  •     Improving spelling and vocabulary
  •     Constructing complete sentences with varied sentence structures
  •     Using paragraphs to separate thoughts and ideas
  •     Writing multiple drafts in order to identify and correctly edit mistakes
  •     Experimenting with different types of writing such as different kinds of essays, stories, and poetry          

"My daughter’s reading progressed by leaps and bounds with tutoring by Partners in Learning. Moreover, her increased confidence carried into other subjects at school. She wants to go to tutoring. And she loves her tutor. Partners in Learning takes an individualized and personal approach to their students. I’m so glad we found them. Partners in Learning is one of the best things we have done for our daughter."
—Davis parent of two Montgomery students