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We Believe...

Learning is exciting!

Students are curious - we encourage and value that!

Students create their own understanding of the world - we make sure that they actively tackle concepts!

Students engage in critical thinking - we structure tasks so that even young children can analyze and appraise what they are learning.

This is not a place for drills and worksheets; this is a place for students to think curiously, creatively and critically! 

Who We Are & What We Do

Partners in Learning has been a family-owned Davis institution for over two decades. Our tutors are experts in their fields, and are primarily undergraduates, graduate students, or recent graduates of UC Davis. Together, we form a vibrant and resourceful learning community.

We strive to give you, our students, every advantage with individual and small group attention. Our lessons are assessment-based and developed specifically for you, so you receive exactly what you need to succeed. We tutor all ages and abilities in a diverse array of subjects. 

How Tutoring Works

To begin classes at Partners in Learning, start by calling our office. We will match you with a tutor based on your desired subject, level, and availability. Because we want to be sure that you and your tutor are a good fit, you may meet your tutor before committing to classes.

During the first session, you and your tutor will discuss your needs and goals and complete an interactive assessment. In order to design lessons tailored specifically to your needs, tutors must determine the areas in which you are strongest, which areas need strengthening, and the ways in which you learn best.

When school is in session, our office is open Monday-Thursday from 1-7pm. Once we match you with a tutor, you may meet your tutor in our center at any time that fits both your schedules, in or outside of our office hours. We know that you have busy and unpredictable schedules and do our best to be flexible. Should your tutor ever be absent, we will be happy to provide a substitute for you.